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Rent/Sell in 3 Easy Steps
Rent/Sell in 3 easy steps :
 Step 1: Gather all property related information from the Owner.
 Step 2:

Prospect clients from our huge client database and show them the property.

 Step 3: Organize a meeting with the Owner and the interested lesse/buyer Finalize the deal.
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A realty salesman had just closed his first deal, only to discover that the piece of land he had sold was completely under water. “That customer’s going to come back here pretty mad,” he said to his boss. “Should I give him his money back?” “Money back?” roared the boss. “What kind of salesman are you? Get out there and sell him a houseboat.”
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Property Management

Prescient Realty is a company that caters to the property management requirements of the individuals having property in Chennai. No matter what aspect of property management you need our services for, rest assured that our group is always ready to be of service. Based in Chennai offers a multitude of services which ranges from commercial, residential and retail spaces. We have a professional group in the property management industry who have an extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

The driving force behind our company is our genuine desire to help NRI’s as they invest in properties that they cannot keep an eye on personally. We understand the difficulties involved in owning a space that you cannot manage personally – either because you have decided to reside in another territory permanently or you are temporarily living in another area to make sure that your children is getting the highest quality in education. Rest assured that we at Prescient Realty Property Management Services are very capable of handling your investments.

Aside from our professional team, we also take great pride in the wide range of services that we offer. We know the property management industry likes the back of our hands. And as such, we are very capable of bringing you the wide range of services. We are not only equipped to help you save time because everything you need for your property management requirements is made available through our company.

Bullets Expand Me Property Management Services
Managing Tenants, Rental Assistance, Plot Monitoring, Major Repairs and Maintenance Contracting, Assistance for Buying and Selling Properties, Real Estate, Relocation Assistance, Follow up and Payment of Utility Bills, Inventory Check at the time of vacating, Painting and Cleaning Homes when tenant vacates, Periodic Property Inspection and reporting, Document Procurement, Chennai Property Management, Coimbatore property Management, Property Manager, Facility Management, Event Management, Commercial property Management, Rental Property Management, Finding tenants, Rent Collection and deposit, House Apartments Villas flats maintenance for NRI's, Caretakers for Properties for NRI's
Bullets Expand Me Renting out Managed Properties
Finding Tenants is part of Property Management Services. This service is available only for clients who are our availing our property management services in Chennai and Coimbatore. Renting is easy. But, renting to a qualified tenant is much harder. In our qualification process, we take several measures to ensure that the applicant is a good quality tenant. First, the Property will be inspected and market rental values will be suggested before looking for tenants. Potential tenants will be searched through paper and online advertisements. Credit check will be performed on the potential tenant. Rental Lease agreement will be drafted and the agreement between the owner and tenant will be finalized.
Bullets Expand Me Property Management Charges
In general, hiring a property management company is more economical than most people expect, especially when you consider what you get in return-money coming in each month in the form of rent checks, without the time commitment of managing a property. What you will pay your Property Manager will vary depending on what services you require, the type of property you own, and where your property is located
Bullets Expand Me Reliability
The cost that comes along with outsourcing property management makes people wrinkle their noses. But it's possible to soothe your objections if you consider the overall advantages of hiring professionals - and hire the right ones. When you are considering people to hire, you should consider the recommendations of friends, relatives and other referrals. Jot down all your queries, doubts and contact the company and ask questions. Just as you would screen any business decision, you want to feel confident and trust the person you choose. Talk to them over phone and in person a couple of times if possible. The caveat to all this is obviously that outsourcing will prove a crummy decision if you trust the wrong folks to do it. You want to hire a reliable and an expert company who will do the job right. If you pick the right kind of people who can take care of your property and run it well, who wouldn't outsource?
Bullets Expand Me Lessee deposits rent into my bank account, why need PMS?
Collecting rent is not the only service Property Management Company offers. Many home owners think that Property Management Company just collects rent from the tenant and their charges are high for this service. They think the rent amount is deposited directly in the bank every month. They need help only when the tenant vacates and they can get a real estate broker for the same. But the job of the Property Management Company does not end with just collecting rent. They act as the representatives of the property owner. They make sure all the utility and other dues related to the property are paid on time. They keep a watch on the property on a regular basis and inspect them and inform the property owner of any issues. When a tenant vacates the property the property management company accepts possession of the property and takes an inventory check. Property Management company also helps in getting the place ready for letting out for rent. They also assist in finding tenants. These are some of the work done by the Property Management Services.
Bullets Expand Me Rental Property Management
Many landlords manage properties on their own, while for others, a resident manager or a property management company makes good business sense. If you plan to manage rental property, you'll need organizational and management skills, along with a good working knowledge about real estate matters. Rental property Management is part of the Property Management Services. The following process is done for Rental property management services :- Advertise vacant property for rent. Show available property for rent and interview prospective tenants. Screen the best candidates for your rental property by requiring written applications with references. Evaluate prospective tenants by investigating their backgrounds, credit histories, personal references and employment histories. Conduct periodic inspections. Help to maintain a good tenant landlord relationship.
Bullets Expand Me Property Inspections
Since the tenants will be living in the property we cannot disturb their privacy too often. But we routinely visit the property at least once in 6 months with prior information to the tenants. We check for any property damage and any other developments concerning the property.
Bullets Expand Me Repairs & Maintenance
First we assess the problem and take quotes from our own network of professionals (mason, carpenters, electrician etc.,) and send a quote to the owners for approval. We also detail the types of repairs we can and cannot do. Only after getting the approval and payment for the same, we start the work. We report the progress to the owners and if necessary we send photos and videos. On Completion, all the statement of accounts and details of work executed will be given to owners.
bullets Expand Me Paying Property Tax and Property Assessment
Yes. We assist you in paying your property Tax as well as getting your Property Assessed for Tax. We offer this service for our Clients in Chennai only. Building plan approval and document copies has to be provided along with the request for Property Tax assessment.