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Rent/Sell in 3 Easy Steps
Rent/Sell in 3 easy steps :
 Step 1: Gather all property related information from the Owner.
 Step 2:

Prospect clients from our huge client database and show them the property.

 Step 3: Organize a meeting with the Owner and the interested lesse/buyer Finalize the deal.
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Lighter Side of Real Estate
"Yes, the kitchen is a bit small, but with a mortgage like this you won't do much cooking anyway."
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Brokerage / Services Charges
Rental : One month's rental from both the Lessor and Lessee plus Service Tax.

Buy / Sell : 2% on the overall Sales consideration plus Service Tax.

Property Management : On request, after evaluating the work involved. Minimum charges would be Rs. 15,000 Annually
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35 Acres
35 Acres 20 kms towards Madhuranthagam on ECR
78 Acres
78 Acres in Vallam Village, 700 ft frontage
4000 sqft
4000 sqft land in Shera Farms, Kanathuri
50 Acres in ECR
50 Acres for Sale in Nellore Village Near Kadapakkam
New prop to be added
2 BHK for Sale in Dugar MME Gold City, Kanagapattu
3 BHK, Seaward Road